Mental models: towards a systemic view of water

When you look for bottlenecks and leverage in our water system, you bump into walls. Walls drawn up by mental models that control our way of thinking. Ingrained reasonings we accept without a second thought and that invisibily continue to sink in deeper and deeper into perception.

These kinds of reasonings prevent sustainable transitions from succeeding. The first step down the road to innovation is to call them out, and challenge them. That is what we do here.

The mental models consist of 4 parts; via the panel on the left you can jump between chapters.
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The Flemish Environment Agency (VMM), De Vlaamse Waterweg, De Watergroep, Aquafin and VITO - Vlakwa have created the space for a group of fresh thinkers to develop a systemic view of water, and to challenge the water sector to shape a futureproof water system. The formulated ideas are not those of the initiators, nor do they represent their stands. However, they are considered valuable as an inspiration for the future of our water system.