About the arena

Yesterday's and today's solutions are no longer a match for tomorrow's water. That is why the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM), De Vlaamse Waterweg, De Watergroep, Aquafin and VITO - Vlakwa have undertaken the initiative to have a group of fresh thinkers openly reflect on futureproof water in an arena.
The transition arena water.

The result is an array of fundamental views on a robust water system by 2050 at the latest. The arena pools multidisciplinary points of view and speaks in different languages such as text, poetry, photography and cartoons.

Each and every one of them articulates the thirst for a systemic view of water in Flanders.

The outputs of the transition arena will confront you with divergent perspectives that scrutinize sacred cows and sometimes completely topple them. These types of thinking spaces, free from individual or organisational interests, are essential to determine a sustainable future for water in Flanders.