Welcome in the arena

The transition arena water is a free space where fresh thinkers reflect on futureproof water.
Where we map out a systemic long-term vision of water in Flanders.

What the arena H2050 aims to do? To make you think differently about water. To inspire you.
To charge and challenge you!

There is an increasing tension between what we expect from the water system and what it can actually deliver, resulting in issues with water quality, water scarcity, and flooding.

The awareness is growing, however, that certain mental models are at the root of this, often worn in in our own ways of thinking. In the arena we hunt down the beliefs, thinking patterns, taboos, dogmas and sacred cows that are currently leading in how we are managing our water system.

We explore different angles and draw up new leading ideas as the foundation for an innovating systemic approach.

Mental models

In the arena H2050 we extract the leading principles from our water system.



What initiatives yield the most enthusiasm, spirit, drive in the arena? What and who are inspiring catalysts?

Causal loop

How is our water system pieced together? How are things interconnected? What are the causes and effects of drought?



Belgian cartoonists Lectrr en Kamagurka draw live cartoons on the journey in the water arena.



Artist Mirjana Vrbaški shoots complex layers of the arena participants.



On the power and uniqueness of water, on water as an inspiration, on water as source of life.

The outputs of the arena inspire, discuss and portray systems thinking in text, diagrams, poetry, photography and cartoons. Reflection comes in many shapes and sizes and other types of content can spark different views. However, each and every one of them articulates the thirst for a systemic view of water in Flanders.

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mental models




causal loop